Piers Mortimer

Owner of Headline Music Studios/CEO of Headline Records
Production Credits: Deep Purple/Jamiroquai Band/Sweet Crisis

"Joe Taylor is my go to drummer in my studio, Headline Music Studios. He's not only consistent, but always has the right groove for the job. He helps the project all round, and being so musical, always understands what the song needs. He has my vote every time."


Simon Efemey

The Wonderstuff/Paradise Lost/Napalm Death

"Joe's excellent with Vibe, Feel, Click, and very responsive in the studio and in a jamming situation, a pleasure to record, especially with a non run of the mill drum kit, Cambridge drums l believe, they sound great"


Tom O' Grady

Resolution 88/Vanessa Haynes/Incognito

  "Joe is the complete musician and teacher. As a performer and bandmate he is a great listener who channels his technical mastery of the drums in the most musical way."


Nathan Williams


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joe on numerous projects and he brings great feel and musicianship to ANY style of music…HE’S A MONSTER!"


SJ Morgan


"Not only is Joe a fantastic drummer, he is also such a lovely guy to work with. Talented, easy going and knows how to groove anything you throw at him! He has played drums and bass for me on Sessions and performances and always delivers to a professional standard. I would recommend him to any singer-songwriter to work with."